What is NBAassets.com?
A google spreadsheet ranking every NBA team’s players and draft picks. The database is compiled and maintained by Eric Goldwein (@ericgoldwein), Xylon Dimoff (@xylondimoff) and Bryan Toporek (@btoporek). The site will be updated live and you can folllow @NBAassets to keep up.

How are the rankings determined?
Think of this as a fantasy draft where YOU are the general manager, and your goal is building and sustaining a championship contender (as opposed to generating profit). The value of the asset is determined by its projected production, contract, projected value, and likelihood of re-signing with its given team.

Why the heck is “X” ranked above “Y”?
Because this is a subjective exercise. The rankings are determined to the best of our ability, with input from various NBA writers and online resources. These are fluid lists that will be updated regularly, so comments, critiques, and corrections are encouraged.

Why won’t the site work on my phone?
Unfortunately, NBAAssets.com is not yet mobile friendly. We are currently looking into mobile-friendly design but in the meantime the site can be accessed on desktops, laptops and on your phone by using the Google “Drive” app. Thanks for stopping by!